Get Well Soon Klaus-Jürgen

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Get Well Soon Klaus-Jürgen

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Last week, it was announced that Carcassonne's creator Klaus-Jürgen Wrede had undergone emergency heart surgery. As serious as this sounds, it was also revealed that the procedure was successful and that he was now recovering in hospital. Obviously it's a huge relief to hear that everything went as well as could be expected, but please keep your fingers crossed that his journey to full recovery is a quick and painless one.

On a personal note, I'd like to point out that Klaus-Jürgen is more than just the guy who created Carcassonne and is more than deserving of our best wishes. Having met him in Essen five years ago, and having maintained an email correspondence with him since then I can attest to his incredible warmth, kindness and humility. It sounds blunt, but as a hugely successful game developer he doesn't need people like you and me following him around and telling him how great we think he is, yet he treats us with the kind of genuine interest and friendliness that is very hard to imagine many people in his position finding the time for.

As an example of this, I emailed him recently to say that a friend of mine would soon be celebrating their 30th birthday and that my friend's girlfriend had asked for people to send video messages to her so that she could compile them all together into a birthday present for him. I felt a bit cheeky doing so, but asked if he'd mind recording a video message too as I knew how much it would mean to my friend. And sure enough, a few days later, I received a 2-minute video message that Klaus-Jürgen had recorded, in English, for someone he'd never met, just because he was a fan of one of his games. That is the kind of man he is.

Get well soon Klaus-Jürgen!

(cartoon by Jessica Pereda/ @jessie.perpat1 on Instagram)

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