A 20th Anniversary to Forget?

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A 20th Anniversary to Forget?

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I've been married for almost 13 years, and one thing I've learnt over this time is to never forget my wedding anniversary. But despite many months of planning and anticipation, it seems Carcassonne may want to forget it's own 20th anniversary based on the delays and production difficulties that have marred its launch so far...

999 Games who distribute Carcassonne games in the Netherlands were among the first to release the 20th anniversary edition of Carcassonne. However, there have been many reports of printing and production issues from those who bought through them. Specifically, the tilesheets have been badly punched leading to the backing paper tearing when trying to push the tiles out, and on the front of the tiles the printed features don't always appear to align correctly. This isn't a good start for such an eagerly-anticipated release, but 999 Games will replace damaged tiles if you get in touch with them.

A week or so later, HiG posted the following message to their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Brettspiele) on the 21st June:
Carcassonne anniversary edition delivery has been stopped and we are sending the goods back to the producer. The laminating of the box apparently could not dry enough before foil and so waves could have been created on the edge of the box. This is why the delivery is postponed. We are expecting the new goods in mid / end of July. We know a lot of you are waiting for the games and would like to apologize for the delay. Finally, we want to deliver you a great product.
It's a shame, but it's understandable that they want to deliver something special, and there were already reports and photos at CarcF (https://www.carcassonne-forum.de) about the waves/ ripples on the boxes.

Finally, it seems Z-Man Games who are Carcassonne's English-language distributors are also having difficulties. They were already a few weeks behind other distributors but it seems they have now run into further difficulties which they're blaming on Covid, and which have pushed their current release date back to September.

It's a shame for HiG and their partners to have so much hard work marred by this series of unfortunate events, but we fans have waited a long time already so it's got to be worth waiting a few months more to get our hands on a perfect version of the final game.

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