Forum rules

1. Be considerate, and patient of those who visit the forum.

2. All board games are for everyone; do you best to leave prejudices about certain kinds of games or those who play them at the door.

3. PCUK is a friendly space to talk about games, so however strongly you feel, aggressive, antagonistic, or otherwise inflammatory conversation is not tolerated.

4. Keep it clean, and avoid swearing, this is a family friendly forum.

5. Do not use derogatory, marginalizing, or hateful language on the forum including statements including age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability.

6. If you witness any behaviour you are uncomfortable with please make one of the following forum administrators or moderators aware: The PCUK moderators

7. If you find the above rules unacceptable, or you cannot follow them, please feel free to leave the forum, or face a ban if the PCUK team considers your behaviour to have a negative impact on the forum, or it's members.